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Blumenthal just recently won the APEX award from AGC – Houston for the fabrication of the Vector HH sculpture at William P. Hobby airport in Houston, TX . This piece was designed and created by Luca Buvoli, a New York base artist whose work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as in museums and other venues around the world.  


The Vector HH was designed to represent a human figure flying with open arms. The orange figure is visible from the central ticketing area and the observation deck of the airport.  As visitors use the escalators to move to the baggage claim area, the piece takes on a progressively abstract and vibrant feel.  The sculpture is composed of metal and cast acrylic sheets suspended above the escalator leading from the main concourse to the baggage area. The sculpture is 28’ long and weighs 6000 pounds.


Next time you fly to or from Hobby airport please take notice of this beautiful piece. It’s quite interesting!